Subia Family and Friends

Shel Kaplan. My Brooklyn Bud.

Shel Kaplan

Shel is incredible. He knows almost everything about everything. What he doesn't know he can Google quicker than Pat Morita could catch a fly with chopsticks. If he can't find an answer, his wife Susan is his lifeline. She's a walking encyclopedia. Susan is also an awesome lady. Considerate, roots for the underdog. She gives Shel a Cigar Networking "Hall Pass" at any time. She loves the D-Backs and the Suns. Inning by inning, quarter by quarter.

I call Shel a "Marketing Strategist". He's a deal maker. A lead generator. He saves people money. Make your best deal on a new car. Tell the dealer you want to think about it. Call Shel. He'll get it cheaper for you. Don't wanna pay $200 for a hotel room. His magical silver tongue will trim at least 50 bucks. If he's in a zone, 75 bucks.

He knows more about cigars than the entire Havana population . He can sniff out a fake Cuban across the room. He knows how to respect a fine cigar. If you're ever around him when finishing one, do not crush it out. He'll let you know that you should just leave safely in the ash tray and let it slowly go to sleep.

Shel has Oscar winning memory. Every name, every date, every number and every word. Don't tell Shel a lie. He will eventually catch you. He gets more phone calls than any 50 people I know combined. I don't how he does it. He can juggle three calls at the same.

He's a Brooklynite. Is that right? Brooklyneer? Anyway, Shel is from Brooklyn. Everybody from Brooklyn is street savvy. That's Shel times 10. Nothing gets by Shel. But he has that knack of flying things over your left ear. You never know whether or not he's yanking your chain. He's like a Brooklyn street lawyer. He can yank your same chain from different directions and you fall for it every time.

He speaks Brooklyn, But it's different from typical. Brooklynites talk fast, Shel talks fast. They have funny accents. Shel has a funny accent. Those from Brooklyn talk rough and tuff. They all sound like a Gotti. Not Shel. He's street confident with a tender edge. He's compassionate. Always for the short sticker. Do anything for you. Just ask and most of the time you don't have to that. He knows when a friend needs support. He's first in line. You know the cliche. You can count real friends on one hand. Shel is always a finger. Yeah. He can throw also throw the middle one if it is deserved.

I'm proud to have Shel as one of five digits. And he knows his lamb chops. He can bust one with the best of them. Your chops that is. Don't worry. It's always followed by a laugh.