Subia Family and Friends

Rules and Guidelines

Administering this website is complex. Extended families makes it impossible to dedicate pages for every new family member. Therefore we are primarily limiting the site to descendants of Ruby and Tony Subia. However, we are including a page each for our siblings and one page each for their respective children. We cannot extend coverage of future generations beyond that.

I have Limited Time.
This is a complex and time consuming project. I need continuous input to keep it moving forward. Please cooperate. It is too important to future generations.

We do not want this thing to become a Facebook. No pictures of soccer games or the ordinary birthday party. Please limit content to items of substantive interest or significance.

It would be great if family members can write articles that record and embed memories of importance. Past and present. Remember special things, events and family members that are no longer with us. As time passes, we do not want to forget moments that will bring smiles to future generations. Let's keep memories alive.

1. Access to this website is limited to extended family and good friends only. We do not want strangers lurking here.

2. Do not reference this website in any social media such as Facebook.

3. Do not mention this website at any chat line.

4. Do not contribute any content that is real naughty. Too many kids here.

5. Word process and spell check any submitted articles.

6. Photos should be submitted as JPEGS at a maximum of about a visual 5" x 7" size. Otherwise load time is too long. If you do not have a scanner, a local Walgreen's will put images on disk. If preferred you can mail hard photos to me. Send copies only.

7 When submitting articles, do not mention addresses, phone numbers or email addresses.

8. Please monitor children and grandchildren to help insure that these guidelines are followed.

Appreciate everyone's cooperation and interest. Thanks in advance for making my job easier.

~ Tony Subia