Subia Family and Friends

Roger Pacheco
Deceased April 1, 2009

Always with a smile. Fun-loving and carefree. Those that knew him well would understand why he chose April Fool's Day to join the Lord. As a traditional day of laughter, that's exactly what Roger would have wanted. A day for loved ones to gather and share the memories and joy of past great times. Although Roger had now passed, no doubt in spirit his grin was wide and indeed proud as he istened to those around him re-kindle with laughter that made him smile.

It was his time. The Lord called. He knew that. But he chose to live beyond all expectations waiting for one last earthly visit from his loved ones. His children, grand children, great grand children. His brothers and sisters, his nieces and nephews. Now totally at peace, proud and content, Roger is at rest. But still with that great big smile that is un-mistakenly Roger Pacheco.

  • Roger Pacheco
  • April 1, 2009
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Ali, Ruby, David, Dorothy, Ernie, Edward, Evelyn
  • Roger Jr., Sally, Christina, Mark, Bernadette, Marlo, Alex
  • 22 Grandchildren
  • 17 Grandchildren
  • Alexander Pacheco
  • Carmen Aguilar Pacheco
  • Eleanor Mendoza
  • Luis Aguilar
  • Delphina Caswell
  • Alejandro Pacheco