Subia Family and Friends

John Pennant-Jones. The Lion Heart.

Warning! Don't play gin with this guy. It's a quick way to lose the wad in your pocket. On the links he shoots in ideal temperature ranges. My scores are like Death Valley. Yet I get no strokes. "Even for life" he says. There went the wad in my other pocket. It's been that way for almost 40 years. I'm wadless.

That's how John got the big house on the hill above the lake. He calls me his 401Subia.

Unique? Believe me. There is but one John Pennant-Jones. And am I glad. One JPJ is the treasured best friend he is. Two of him would be painful. Just like his hyphenated last name. Sometimes he can be a double dose. Unless you got a few decades, don't try to figure him out. His strategy in life is keeping everyone outfitted with two left feet. Visit my shoe store. You'll find a lot of right-footed shoes sitting alone on the shelf.

To really know John is to love John. You could not ask for a more loyal and supportive friend. Ask, he never questions why. He just delivers. More than you would ever expect. We go back a long way. A client. Partners in the marketing game. Partners in the food game. Love his family. Derek, Sharon, Evan and David. His wife Carol is beautiful and quite a tennis player. That's probably why John doesn't play tennis. Don't dare lose to a wife.

Here's some things you don't want to do while with JPJ. Don't order french fries. I assure you, they will be returned three times because they are not hot. Don't leave your golf towel within his putting view. You will not be able to deal with the look yet alone the insult that follows. Don't drive with him if he is in a hurry. And don't ride shotgun when he decides to tailgate a low-rider.

John is my kinda guy. Assertive. Strong, Confident. And sometimes obnoxious as a calculated strategy. But in a kind, jovial sorta way. Funny. Life of the party. Compassionate and sensitive but doesn't want you to see that side. John is English. Sort of a Richard The Lion Heart. Royal Canadian Air Force. Can speak British for real or fake.. Can sing country in an American accent. Beatles or Beethoven. Shhh. He used to be a smoker. He putts sideways. Don't piss him off. He can verbally dissect you with surgical precision.

Ask him about the blue pill. You'll laugh so hard you'll tear a muscle.