Subia Family and Friends

Extended Subia Family & Close Friends

February 11, 2009

Entertain us. Keep memories alive. Stimulate our minds. Humor us.
Express your wisdom. Illuminate, inspire, motivate, enlighten, aspire,
share, fulfill, guide, clear the path and most of all....remember.
Yesterday and tomorrow. Dare not forget.
The good times, the fun times, the serious times, the blessed times.
A thought, a poem, a short story or a random musing.
Make this perpetual.
And oh yeah. Keep it kinda clean.

Hello Family!

As Ruby and I approach our 46th Wedding Anniversary on April 28, 2009, this website is our gift to family and close friends. It's about time! Ya think? It's a work in process that probably will never catch up all the moments that have been missed. We'll try. And you all can help.

Web mastering this thing can become overwhelming and very time consuming. Thanks to Ms Pelosi and Friends I won''t have a lot of free time. Appears I have to keep working for another 8 years to make life better for Union People and lazy asses. Yep, that's a political jab. You just might read more in my section. Yep. I do get my own section. I won ya know. I trump all of you.

The focus of this website is you. Your thoughts. Your reflections. Serious, humorous or just plain silly...if that's what you are. We want to embed visual memories that are significant to historical effect. We want to include many pictures. But not every birthday party and trip to the zoo. You know what I mean. No Facebook crap. But we do encourage links to your social pages so family members can dig deeper into what makes you tick.

Submit stuff to me. Word processed and spell-checked. I get editing rights. I'm the Patriarch. It's the right that comes with my inaugural Medicare Card. Email contributions. Attach photos that are low resolution at about a 4 x 6 inch size. I don't have time to wait for ungodly amounts of upload time. Give me descriptions of photos. I'm not Houdini. Just a guy that thinks he's smarter than Obama. After all, what could a guy that's never had a job know about world economics? By next election, I plan on becoming a brain surgeon. Or a community activist.

Just kidding. Not. Send me stuff. Good stuff.

Tony Subia
Patriarch & Chief Webmaster